Meet the 2017 Makers

bb8 Replica
S Squared 3D Printers
Geeks Bearing Gifts
NYC Mini 4wd Racing Club
The Pink Rhubarb
MC² Robotics
Amass Time
Imagination Chapter of Westport
Bedford Middle School
Housatonic Community College
Workshop Garden Technologies
Norwalk Community College
Fidget Toy Endurance Race
3D Print Supply Guys
MakeHaven Showcase
Violin Petting Zoo
Homestead at Red Barn
The Fidget Spinner Experience
East Street Arts
Bethel Public Schools
Troop 36 Volunteers
BSA Units of Westport
Kool Nerd Club
The Sagamore Chair
FPV Racing Drones
Emergency Medical Service Exp.
Hand Only CPR Learning Exp.
DIY Homesteading
Nefaire Fresh Spa
Remarkable STEAM
Fashion Camp
4 Paws Wearables
Ferguson Library Makerspaces
Maine Camp Experiences
Rul: Rule Your Build!
Prior Studio Robots
Racing Drone
BSA Electronic Merit Badge
Swerve Animations
3D Destined
Collaborative Art That Transforms!
Oliver Kita Artisan Chocolates
Let Your Art Out
Creative Kids | Willows Pediatrics
Workspace Education
Ruler and Compass Design
Great Duck Race
Rosko Green Art
H2rOver: Underwater Robot
Fairfield County Maker’s Guild
Desktop Makes
Arting It Up with UniCole Artistry
Robotics & Programming
Volt the Robot
Building with Hinges
Girl Scout Troop 50700
CT Food Bank Awareness Project
Center for Vein Restoration
CPG Architects
Virtual Reality Tours
Goodwin College
Endesign Club
Making Math Fun
The Westport Library
Transformation Project
Brookfield High School Robotics
The DiscoTechs
The Fidget
Renewal by Anderson
Making a Greener Tomorrow
Fun Interactive Family Photography
Clay Art Center
The Road Coat by One Kid LLC
Nerdy Derby
Human Foosball
Doo-Rite Robot Sculptures
Westport Weston
Chamber of Commerce
Westport Library
MakerSpace Escape Room
Crowe Creations: Westport Library
The Westport Library
The Westport Library
Circulation Desk
JUNK Artwork
Westport Library Maker-in-Residence
An Inconsistent Story in Stealing
Westport Library Maker-in-Residence
Jonathan Russo
Westport Library Maker-in-Residence
ALVIN and His
Hamster-Powered Train
Everyone Can Learn
Amazon Alexa Presentation
Kentucky Derby
Handmade Modular Synthesizers
The Sounds of Tomorrow
Making Makers Make
Experience a Live 3D
Virtual Reality Global Collaboration
Zaniac Recycle Robot
Brain Boost Learning
Westport Historical Society
3D Printer Filament Recycler
Kevin Green
Westport Library Maker-in-Residence